Hello world!

•March 21, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Hi everyone!  I have serious doubts that “everyone” amounts to much right now, but I’ll play along anyway.

My name is Heather.  I’ve been married to my husband Brian for almost 12 years.  I have two wonderful (most of the time) kids, Taylor (15) and Dylan (11).  I am an OR nurse, have been since I graduated nursing school 8 years ago and I love practically everything about my job.  I’m also a student, returning to college after 8 years to get my bachelor’s degree in nursing.  I don’t know where that will take me, or if it will take me anywhere, but I’m enjoying the journey.  This is my third year as a volunteer for the DFW Breast Cancer 3Day.  The event is something that I’ve become quite proud of and intend to continue for many years to come.

So… I work, I learn, I parent, and I volunteer.  I don’t know how I have much time for anything else.

Welcome to my little part of the world!